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Sam needs to be quarantined. Get him out of the school. Be a Karen for a day or a week. GL needs some drama.

-I dunno. It was probably Sam.

You: I don't know.

Are you teaching him French?
He's in French immersion at school but he's shy about using his French in front of me. He understands a lot of it though. I read him French books and we watch French TV and stuff.
I can't find the original crazy neighbo(u)r thread so I'm putting this here.

About an hour ago, there was a knock on the door. It was her, the crazy neighbo(u)r.

The conversation went exactly like this:

Her - Hi, I just want to introduce myself, I'm your neighbo(u)r.
Me - I know you're my neighbour...

...and as I was about to clarify that we've been neighbo(u)rs for over 6 years, she interrupted:

Her - Ok, it's nice to meet you.

And she walked away.

It's not clear to me whether she thinks I'm new here or whether she's completely, utterly gone. For those of you who've been paying attention, she called me ugly once.

I *am* having a good hair/beard day so there's that.


I last saw her a couple days after this Jan. 9 post, she was at the grocery store and she gave me and JL a quick panicked glance. I think it was at that moment she realized I was her old neighbo(u)r.
6yo Kyle thinks he's hot shit cause he's got slow-twitch muscle as part of his genetic baggage
Oh. I misread that. Kyle's just a little bitch.
Thanks Rogatien. Sushi dinner and homemade cupcakes for the big 7.