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Guy needs a haircut. He's excited cause it was his first time at the front of a vehicle (his grandpa's pickup doesn't have an airbag in the middle front seat so he's legally allowed to sit there. Can't do that in a car.)
If it was my dad's it would say CENTRE DU PNEU in the background.

I think he's the only true Gamelive kid. The other ones :hey: don't even remember who they are
I can't find the original crazy neighbo(u)r thread so I'm putting this here.

About an hour ago, there was a knock on the door. It was her, the crazy neighbo(u)r.

The conversation went exactly like this:

Her - Hi, I just want to introduce myself, I'm your neighbo(u)r.
Me - I know you're my neighbour...

...and as I was about to clarify that we've been neighbo(u)rs for over 6 years, she interrupted:

Her - Ok, it's nice to meet you.

And she walked away.

It's not clear to me whether she thinks I'm new here or whether she's completely, utterly gone. For those of you who've been paying attention, she called me ugly once.

I *am* having a good hair/beard day so there's that.

so maybe in 6 years there will be an exchanging of the names
I know her name and she should know mine. She came into our apartment about 4 years ago during a crisis (she thought someone was in her apt trying to hurt her.)

We introduced ourselves then asked if she could pick up JL.

Request denied.
We also met her sister who's a college professor in San Francisco. She felt bad about us having to deal with her crazy sister so she bought us stuff to make candy apples.

I'm not joking.
-What did you do at school today?
-Sam bited my shoe.
-Sam bit your shoe.
-Oh yeah, Sam bit my shoe.
-Oh Sam.
It's not our first time dealing with that rapscallion Sam.

Show & Tell is cancelled next week as per his teacher's recap email, because of unspecified "behavior issues" that arose this week. I asked JL what happened:

-I dunno. It was probably Sam.