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It's a girl and she's presumed to be black (by my black friend.)
Casper I already asked this question. umbrella wearing mothefoker
Somebody should name a kid”what’s your name”
I may have already posted this somewhere else. JL has started making up "jokes" and most of them are dark, absurdist nonsense. His favorite is:

Why was the banana sad?

Because his brother died.

And if you're interested to know how the banana's brother died, he follows up with:

A bad guy came and kicked him.


This is my favorite Gamelive smiley that I use in situations where I really like someone’s post. Initially, I typed it wrong and I think you saw that before I edited it and that’s how we got here.

It’s complicatec.
I always took that smiley as "yeah sure, lier", I think that's where Matty's what is coming from
I always wondered why it was called “yeah sure” because that’s a much too fancy smiley to be wasted on calling someone a liar.
Mumbling to himself while staring at his iPad:

JL - Now I'm gonna watch this video about a sinking sip.
Me - Ship.
JL - I'm not good at saying sip.

-Papa do you know what happens if a knife goes into your body?
-It's not good.
-No. You die. But that only happens in funny movies.


This kid will be captain of the next generation of Gamelivers.

I have zero doubt.
Does JL have unfiltered access to Youtube?

Yeah but we're always all in the same room, we know what he's watching. He never strays from his 5-6 favorite channels.

He discusses this stuff at school.

Minecraft sword cake for his 6th b-day

Grandma baked and wifey planned/cut/decorated all the little pieces.

I contributed by eating the extra pieces.