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-Papa I don't know how to spell orange in French.
-Yes you do.
-No I don't.
-You do.
-I don't!
-I bet you $10 that you know how to spell orange in French.

(Same spelling. Making up for my Steelers loss.)
French for dad. 🤪
Yeah I like that. Think I will request to be called that.

What are you called bone?

JL= Penthouse Baller
Which marina is that?
Etobicoke Yacht Club
More like 5 miles west of the old place. Muddy is way farther west, to the left of the buildings in the distance:

We can technically see Niagara Falls from here. The Tower Hotel is clearly visible - 68km/42mi in a straight line



Woah that’s awesome
What's common in Toronto, first month, last month, and one month deposit?
Canadian dollorz, and yes it's bigger (850sq ft vs about 575 for the previous one) but prices have also gone up. Our old 1br+den that we rented for 1700 is now 2300. We were there 7 years.