common Jean-Louis


Toe Toucher
Papa let’s play hide and seek. You go over there and I’m gonna hide right here. It’s a good hiding spot. -JL


Toe Toucher
*JL points to Pepsi bottle*

-Papa what is that juice?
-It’s like Coca-Cola.
-Why is it blue?
-It’s what you buy when the store runs out of Coke.
-What does it taste like?
-Blue Coke. Backup Coke.

*takes a sip*

-Papa it doesn’t taste like Coke.
-No? What does it taste like?
-It tastes like you said. Backup Coke.



Toe Toucher
First day of "school" for the little guy today. Junior K.

i.e. no more daycare fees. The Matty household now has an extra $1000 a month to play with.



Toe Toucher
-It's your first day of school tomorrow, are you excited to meet all your new friends?
-Yeah! But I'm still scared of spiders.
-What does that have to do with school?
-I don't know.


-Papa? Are there spiders at the school?
-I don't think so.