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SAINT JOHN, N.B. -- Walmart Canada is apologizing for a now-removed advertisement promoting an item with the term "fat women swimsuit" in the title.

The third-party ad for a modest, plus-sized floral print bathing suit described the product as the "best choice for fat girls to spend hot summer."

Walmart is saying there was a translation error on the part of a third-party seller. Anyway, fat girls don't like it.


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So Hilary said it's time to be uncivil, ppl act uncivil and all of a sudden it's an issue when pipe bombs are sent to leaders? Wow, didn't see this coming...


Leave everything to me!
James 'Whitey' Bulger found beaten to death in prison

I know that movies based on true stories - such as Black Mass and The Departed - are often rife with inaccuracies, but still, in this case, it's hard not to think: good riddance creepazoid.

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So what's happening in France? Color revolution coming? At least Ukrainians can get a laugh out of these guys now.


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Went to see a world renowned Alice In Chains cover band. Got bad nay...horrid ACDC and GNR covers.

Just can't win boyzzzzz


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Two Canadians portage canoes up Mount Everest

The brothers, who are both personally affected by mental illness...
I'd say they are very personally affected by mental illness.

But honestly, If I'm taking my life in my hands climbing Mt Everest, and I find myself waiting for two Canadians with canoes on their heads to get out of my way while I slowly freeze to death.... Well, I don't know what.


never had an intact pistachio club
Upon further research, they only portaged to base camp.

Fine. Noble pursuit. Carry on.