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Did yall see that Idaho University quad murder mystery?

That's all you hear about and so sad! You see that one pic of blood that runs down the side of the house? What you think RJ? Sounds like someone who knew one of the dead to get into house without breaking into.

Got to scary being a small isolated college town of only 25k. Read where parents getting their kids to come home early for ThanksG holiday and who knows if they send them back on Monday. There's a killer in town or still in town?
No I hadn't seen it.


Don't know what to think MM. I understand the concept of protecting the investigation by not releasing any info but something seems fishy from the law enforcement side of the story.

Elementary school principal picks Disneyland to kill himself, jumps from a parking lot and splashes to his death

Tampa Police Chief loses her job because she showed her badge after she and her husband got pulled over in their golf cart.

This was the teaser posted yesterday. And then today, the announcement was $99 NFTs of Trump in super hero costumes. That's, um, something.