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Very sorry to hear about your Mother, Dave.
FW and VD, real sorry to hear about this. Be well. You have folks here you can vent to.
I’m sorry pal. Hope you’re holding up ok. Are you handling all the arrangements yourself?
Thanks man. Actually it has been a blessing... my dad revealed (they had been hiding it from me) that they had to take out a loan on the house to cover cost of her treatment. He's got insane debt. So does my brother. So yeah I paid for the whole service myself.

But then I opened a GoFundMe page just because we had a bunch of friends asking how they could help or to buy us a meal, I told them just throw a few bucks in there to help with the arrangements instead. It took off a bit and is just under $7k now.

Will barely put a dent in dad's troubles but feel extremely greatful for friends and loved ones being generous enough to help us lighten the load a bit.
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