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I took 20,000 steps today
20k steps

yeah buddy

im unemployed
Invest in real good running shoes, boys

And replace often
20K steps is a fuck ton. Nice work, Mattyballs

I did 17K this past Friday in New Orleans and my legs below my knees were on fire
Yeah I have a rotation of premium shoes and I track their mileage on Strava. My faves right now are my Saucony Endorphin Speed 2, excellent padding with an added nylon-plate. i have carbon-plated Hokas too.
Ran half in Asics Nimbus 25 Wide. They are only shows that I ran in where bottom of foot didn't get numb 6 miles in. For mid distance I love the Cloud Flyers wide and New balance 1080s wide.
Unseasonably warm weather Rogatien. There's usually snow and freezing temperatures in February. Most winters I can't ride outdoors for 3-4 months.

This is Canada bro.
Day 4 of my trainer.
Setting a 180 day goal. Pretty much my time in Savannah. She has me full body weight routine 3x a week and I do cardio on my own 3x. Sunday is a rest day.

Today is 29 minutes of cardio and then weights.

savannah training
Get it Casper. 💪

I annoy the shit out of everyone in my condo's cardio room, with my long rowing sessions. The rower is fan-based and it's loud af. Feelsgoodman. 💪💪