What were you doing on May 13th, 1996?


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I had been out of high school for about 5 years.

I was working in the golf industry. I was working at a private, high end country club.

I was in a band (think The Killers meet U2 meet Tears For Fears meet The Smiths).

1996 was a good year. Well, until October.

But I really can't tell you what I was doing on May 13th.


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the 12th was both my birthday and mothers day, so i assume i was sleeping off a hangover most of the day... :stretcher:


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8th grade, thought I was a tough guy because a had half pack of cigs and a nugget of weed.

My mode of transportation was a mongoose bicycle, not so tough.


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I dont know what the fuck happened but Mongoose used to be a good bike, now they sell them at wallmart and they are cheap as fuck.