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  • fishcy and loshak also worked magic on me but only fischy is a scoundrel,whats mena TURD,he said to me at FB.
    though you donnt mind as i add you as friend i got problems at sbr book and went back to less points though stiff loshak sent me many pts but all pts he worked magic so i xannt buy any cash or something etc.etc.thats not mean i want some pts or else form u as u better witness as u said last year at FB that i want to send you gift from USa but i refused coz i donnt want to be oblieged to you,u rare unjustice lady
    well.i consider to answer you here rather than facebook,that who stiffed me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well,you seems not a sincere friend robyn everything you want to save bread from my harsh anal quickie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well,its joke only,in real bread is a master magician,he verbally read holy verses of "Revolution"book in holy Gospel,and wrok magic on me,i was many times poor (As you define me poor man in sbrforums,though i not begged any money,article from you in very first threads in which i leash my slang dictionary)victim of his magical atrocities,he wasted all my betting money that i deposited by mighty powers of magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you liked my bedroom. I like it too.

    I assume you are the famous Robyn that used to post at SBR? I don't think our paths ever crossed over there.....but I've definitely heard about you. All good....of course! Anyway, good luck to you. Looking forward to chit-chattin with you again soon!
    hey i have been looking for a certain pair of sunglasses and i bumped into you name on a post you wrote about a year ago :

    " This thread reminds me. I have an authentic pair of Versace sunglasses mod 413/a col 900 made in Italy that I won in a contest when I worked at the Sunglass Hut in the 90's. I have never worn them and even forgot I had them until a month or so ago. How can I find out how much they are worth so I can get rid of them on ebay? Anyone know? HEP! "

    Now i know its been a year but i made a gamelive account just to message you lol ........

    if you do have them please email me at [email protected]

    if possible please attach a link of the exact pair or picture of the model you do own

    you can also text me (780) 265-0900

    If you keep responding on your wall, then how will I know you replied to what I said?
    I'm not asking if you have a big cock! I am asking if you are BigCockGuy!
    not loshak,but when i came in action at sbr thread posted by fat ass batemanpatrick,and ask rebate wager,blackie asked me my acocunt numberh esaid he is in travelling so he will fund my account tomorrow today,let see what they do for me,not yet,loshak said i will forward him again although all credit goes to blackie,
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