What was your last google search.

Mrs. X

seven of ten
Mar 30, 2010
Mine was Erica Blasberg (so much more tragic when cute, young girls die).

Before that was "How to get a horse to obey you" (the horse was in the back yard and I couldn't get him back in the corral no matter how hard I pulled on his halter. Mr. X was gone. All the animals in the house have me pegged as a sucker.). Before that, "Secretary James Spader" (Awesome movie, might be in my top ten, for sure top twenty)
"pecos bill cock"

image search right?

*Who knew Pecos Bill had such a huge cock that it couldn't be contained on the page. Yes, I could download the image, scale it properly and re upload. But isn't it just so much more, well just more, to have to scroll around and really look.

scholar might be back sooner than we had all thought.
last google search: george costanza pesto
i feel the same way about your last search as..... well, you know.
last google search: george costanza pesto

Don't be too concerned, I also did that. I heard the same term from three people over the space of about 7 posts so I had to investigate further. I thought it was a new brand of my favorite basil based condiment.
I actually do more wikipedia searches these days
I did two google searches last night that I remember right away

lyrics, black velvet band
lyrics, dirty old town

I was feeling Irish.

too lazy to type in the full address