The POLITICS Random Thoughts Thread


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Now we have a thread for any and all random thoughts regarding POLITICS past, present and future.


reno cool

leave well enough alone
thanks Tron, I was thinking my top stand out songs of the 90's are

One Headlight
What It's Like
Killing In the Name Of

...and honorable mention since I have to throw Soundgarden in, Gun

reno cool

leave well enough alone
Nice Mr.M. I know you gonna throw in the Ripper. Seriously though, what those words say is "When we fuck you it's your fault". ..and by we, I mean my bosses


SP Nation and I Ruin things
I think whatever team lands Bryce Harper is gonna cripple their franchise for quite some time.

could change the course of free agency going forward, combined with last year's strange turn


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Can anyone describe the word STAUNCH to me?

Would be cool if ya could.
As an adjective, staunch means firm. You might want to go to that concert Friday night, but your parents' staunch opposition prevents you. Staunch is sometimes used as a verb to mean "to stop the flow of a liquid," but most usage books will tell you it's better to use the word stanch for the verb.

To stop the flow of liquid?? When you learn something new every day


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Being that is the holy day of the week for most in America, only fitting I give you a short and sweet message. No long winded sermon is what I was brought here to do ...... maybe plagiarism but GOOD plagiarism!


Call it what you like, believe in something above us!



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The after effects of the patreon purge.

We're actually living the orwellian dystopia we were warned about.