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Most of Boston sports radio saw last night coming. Miami got their 1 win. Celtics in 6.
It’s the baseball thread but….

Did you mean Celtics in 5 (you said Miami got their 1 win)?
It’s the baseball thread but….

Did you mean Celtics in 5 (you said Miami got their 1 win)?
I think Miami will take one more (In Boston). Boston wins in 6 games. Last night was that one game where the Celtics will look outplayed for 12 minutes. They will lose a close one at home (low scoring game).

Next game Boston wins by at least 5 and the game goes under 203.
And lastly, as a SJersey grown person the greatest ever to come out of the area, Mike Trout, has the Angels on top of the AL West. Not thinking it will hold up but one thing these days on top of my baseball rooting list is Trout getting to the postseason (hasn't been nearly enough) and playing extended baseball once there.
And my bases interest has waned since those Angels have now lost 11 games in a row and Trout is in a SLUMP being hitless last 26 ABs. Up 6-2 in 8th and Harper hits grand slam to tie it and then go up 7-6 in 9th but 3 run HR by Phils turns into a loss. Believe or not but just heard Angels presently would still get into playoffs as 3rd wildcard lol.

High profile manager Joe Girardi got canned recently by Phils and this guy might be asked to leave too. Last year of contract and paid handsomely,

Joe Maddon's 3-year contract will pay him $12 million, making him the second-highest paid manager behind only Cleveland's Terry Francona, who'll earn $4.2 million in 2020
Did boner take the jinx girl back to the ballpark again today?
Did boner take the jinx girl back to the ballpark again today?
Was lookin like that for a while, right?

If I was the jinx girl I’d be pretty annoyed with my Dad for taking me to the Saturday disaster instead of the glorious Sunday game.
So looking he standings half way through 2022 season my Phils have improved after canning a manager while Trout's Angels have only gone further into the abyss with a new manager. SF has faded so Phils now have 7th and final NL playoff spot presently even with Harper being sidelined.

Unless things change I see only 9 teams competing for those 7 spots. I like to go with run differential (+/-) as a basic indicator of strength of team. I see the Mets, LAD, Braves and SD as close to definite. Surprisingly Phils are a big+ with RD too but consider them along with Cards, Brewers, Giants, and even Marlins as being in the hunt for last 3 spots.
The Blue Jays have fired their manager

If the season ended today they would make the playoffs

Just heard on news AL going for 9 straight AS games wins! Remember as a kid the NL dominated (being Phils fan liked it). Had to just look up, from late 60's had 16-1 stretch. As I got older wasn't glued to the TV for it as much and now see AL had a 21-3 stretch till 2009. Wow! Then NL wins 3 straight but now like I said has 8 in a row for the AL.

Maybe at Dodger Stadium might be more inclined to stay glued to it. You know Hollywood and stars coming out to be seen. I say a lock Magic Johnson gets shown on the tube.

Poor Tommy already looks half in the grave. RIP Pisan and thanks for the 1988 championship!