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Hey @Tron , are we up to 3% yet??

If this game was 1pm I'd be playing hookie. Unfortunately 4pm runs into child care responsibilities (much harder to skip out on vs work).
Feel like the Yanks gotta steal this one in Houston in order to have a shot at this best of 7. Stros very clearly the better team but the Yanks can play...
Yankees hit the ball real hard a few times but got a little unlucky. As is the current texture, this game is winnable.

Then you’d have Cole and Nasty Nestor in Games 3 and 4 in The Zoo
…….as Severino hits Maldonado on an 0-2 count
Yankees should have won tonight…

Sick to my stomach…
35 years ago today. The first bat flip in MLB history.

He hit .088 that year and only has one career HR prior to this one.