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the Palestinian tribe is attacking the Jewish tribe

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OMG happened right in Tel Aviv ..... could have possibly been NYC and would have been if they could have gotten away with it.
strikes in tel aviv

I know cynical me thinking didn't the US just give Iran 6B? And Iran supports Hamas? Let's hope we the US is as generous with support to Israel as we have been to Ukraine.

Brutal assault by Hamas and if I know Irasel by past history they will feel like best moment in time to go full barrage with no ceasefire on getting as close as possible on eradicating these bastards. Something the US wants also and we don't have to be the bad guy in starting it. Don't believe Hamas has nearly as many allied countries around the world as Russia?
Isreal has recieved more US "support" (read: money) than any other single nation, and it probably ain't even close.
Yes and they rightly deserve it being our closest ally next to England. Just saying now supply to them as much or even more weapons/ammunition than Ukraine has received. End result objective #1 destroying Hamas #2 helping Israel ...... while in other scenario objective #1 helping Ukraine with no #2.
The world's best intelligence agency Mossad didn't received any warning?

Weren't the Israeli's out in full force protesting against Netanyahu a few weeks ago?

israeli protesting 1

israeli protesting 2

Now the lord and savior Benjamin Netanyahu needs all the support and power of the Judicial system that he wanted to overhaul and people were protesting against in order to stop this devastating attack from that despicable brown tribe of donkey fuckers.

If the Jews don't see past this and get rid of Benji they are going to end up with another Erdogan.

Tens of thousands of protesters marched into Jerusalem on Saturday evening and hundreds of thousands of Israelis took to the streets in Tel Aviv and other cities in a last-ditch show of force aimed at blocking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's contentious judicial overhaul.

Also Saturday, more than 100 of Israel's former security chiefs signed a letter pleading with the Israeli premier to halt the legislation, and thousands of additional military reservists said they would no longer report for duty, in a protest against the plan.

In scorching heat that reached 33 C (91 F), the procession into Jerusalem turned the city's main entrance into a sea of blue and white Israeli flags as marchers completed the last leg of a four-day, 70-kilometer (45-mile) trek from Tel Aviv to Israel's parliament.

The marchers, who grew from hundreds to thousands as the march progressed, were welcomed in Jerusalem by throngs of cheering protesters before they set up camp in rows of small white tents outside the Knesset, or parliament, before Monday's expected vote. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands flooded the streets of the coastal city of Tel Aviv, the country's business and cultural capital, as well as in Beersheba, Haifa and Netanya.

Netanyahu and his far-right allies claim the overhaul is needed to curb what they say are the excessive powers of unelected judges. But their critics say the plan will destroy the country's system of checks and balances and put it on the path toward authoritarian rule.

The proposed overhaul has drawn harsh criticism from business and medical leaders, and a fast-rising number of military reservists in key units have said they will stop reporting for duty if the plan passes, raising concern that the country's security interests could be threatened. An additional 10,000 reservists announced they were suspending duty on Saturday night, according to "Brothers in Arms," a protest group representing retired soldiers.

More than 100 top former security chiefs, including retired military commanders, police commissioners and heads of intelligence agencies, joined those calls on Saturday, signing a letter to Netanyahu blaming him for compromising Israel's military and urging him to halt the legislation.

Dated July 22, 2023
Wow .... so it was Benji's fault that Hamas attacked Israel or more like he could have prevented it from happening? Maybe he wanted the attack to take place? Inevitably an attack like this would have eventually taken place. The constant living in fear of it should not be. Hopefully now the only good that can come out of it is if Isreal and the world can annihilate these donkey fuckers.
or more like he could have prevented it from happening?
bingo, there's zero percent chance that Mossad didn't have any intel on this attack, lone wolf attacks and small groups can organize attacks but not something of this scale with this many people. Mossad had intel and they didn't act on it to neutralize it
Inevitably an attack like this would have eventually taken place. The constant living in fear of it should not be.
exactly, these terror groups are constantly in a planning phase, once Mossad's spies and surveillance have enough intel they come in and intercept the terror cells, either via murder or kidnapping to be prosecuted in a special secret court in Israel setup for these type of sensitive situations
Maybe he wanted the attack to take place?
a way to notice how much bullshit they want to push to the people is to notice how coordinated their releases are to the mainstream media, and the theme of these attacks is "we didn't see it coming" says Israel, the US secretary of state "they didn't see it coming" the french counterpart the same quote and the media is parading this line along with the "this is Israel's 9/11"

its coordinated

mrmonkey these fascist people in power are voracious, they don't care about people getting hurt, others and their own, they will do whatever is necessary to consolidate power at all cost
I’ll never understand this nonsense…
You aren’t supposed to. The whole idea is to be lulled into a sense of understanding, which leads to forming an opinion, which then leads to verbalizing said opinion, which leads to debate with people that formulated their own “logical” opinion, which then leads to polarization amongst two sides, which leads to politicians pandering to the side they feel best gives them a chance to gain power and money.

When all is said and done, we are nothing more than pawns in a game. A game that includes mass casualties……physical and mental.