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These days, when I barbecue, Orion is right in front of me. Every time I go out there, there he is, framed in the sky over the Q.

Orion is very cool. I feel like I'm getting away with something just casually gandering all I want. Orion seems like something you should have to pay to see.

It's like I'm stealing cable or something.


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Agreed. Orion is as good as it gets in a constellation.

Pretty resilient, too. Look how stupid the Big Dipper will look in 100,000 years. Cassiopeia and the Southern Cross will be useless, but Orion is hanging in there.



Leave everything to me!
As legend has it, Orion was killed by Scorpius. That's why those two constellations are so far apart. So they won't go at it.


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I'll think about it.

Not a tale but Venus is very bright in the morning sky these days. Some people say that when it's this bright, it can be seen all through the day.

I have never seen it after sunrise - but I have never tried very hard - but it seems plausible. It stays visible when dawn is breaking, long after all the stars have disappeared. It is the third brightest celestial object after the sun and moon so why not?

Someday, as god is my witness, I will see Venus in the sky in the middle of the day.



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It has to do with where you're viewing it from. Doubt its viewable from Toronto or surrounding area. Climb a smog free 15k mountain on a clear day.


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I watched the movie Apollo 11 (2019) which is a documentary about that epic historic event which is approaching its 50th anniversary.

I guess the first thing that has to be said is: it looks amazing. Footage restoration techniques have clearly advanced to incredible levels. You get used to stuff from that era looking a certain way ---> this doesn't look like that.

And of course what happened was pretty mind-blowing so I thought it was a real nice watch.

8 out of 10