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I thought the 1 million figure was exaggerated.

The real number is actually one point three million Earths. Mind properly blown.
What are the odds we're going to find freaky fossils buried under Martian soil?!?

Updated odds are 8-1.
SpaceX is going to launch Starship on Friday, the tallest rocket ever built, this will be the first non-test commercial launch with a payload , Starship is 400 foot tall or about the height of a 40 stories tall building
I’m in the market for a Black Friday sale on a telescope
You guys ever get anxiety thinking about space and how our lives truly are insignificant?

I’m being serious
All the fokkin time Caspy. Since my teens really. I wouldn't call it anxiety but more of a generalized WTF sentiment.

WTF triggered all that spinning shit Caspy.