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Jan 28, 2010
We will talk about all things Apple in this thread.

I am a fanboy. I will not lie. Not a helpless, complete gomer fanboy but a fanboy nonetheless.

Does anyone have or plan on getting an iPad?

I am waiting for the 3G model to come out. No contract and $30 a month.

From what I can tell it is the bridge between the iPhone and the MacBookPro. It also appears to be the Kindle's worst nightmare.
Maybe I'll get one in the future, but not this one. Want to see it have more features. Of course I've bought a kindle, macbookpro, and iphone in the last year so no more new crap for me for a while.

I saw one today, odd since it hasn't been released here.
Apple = overpriced gimmicks. The only product that they make that's worth the money is the iPhone. I can't imagine trying to model games with an Apple OS. I'd take a cheap PC laptop with a 4G USB card over a 3G iPad every day of the week.
I actually don't even want to look at the ipad. I'm afraid I'll love it and then spend more money with another monthly fee and then become more of the hipster douche that I'm trying not to be but probably already am.

And on a really basic level, I have a problem with owning a piece of technology called "ipad". It just feels wrong.

Sticking with my Macbook Air and DROID for now.
No contracts and only $30 a month?

Was getting one (went to the store yesterday and were sold out) but if that's true I'll get one of them 3G ones. When are they coming out with that one?
I am with MF on this.
I do accept that Macs are slightly more user friendly than PCs but that is as far as my appreciation of Apple goes.

I would not buy and Iphone because there are three are four HTC models which are superior and cheaper.
I would not buy an Ipod - it's just an MP3/MP4 player of which there are hundreds of brands, many of which are better.
The Ipad has no use to me, it is too big to use as a phone and not functional enough to replace a laptop
Ok let's try this again........

This will be the thread where people who like Apple products can discuss current and upcoming Apple products.

Monkey go make a "I Hate Apple Products" thread you miserable c-word.

Actually just go ahead and make a "I Hate Everything That Exists With The Exception of Gambling, Death Metal and Coke" thread. I think that would be more appropriate given your contributions to Gamelive.

Detonation in 3, 2, 1..........:tank:
No contracts and only $30 a month?

Was getting one (went to the store yesterday and were sold out) but if that's true I'll get one of them 3G ones. When are they coming out with that one?

May 7th
And $30 is for the unlimited data plan. There is a $25 plan as well.

I had a long conversation with an Apple guy on the phone and he also stated that you could suspend your service at any time as well and then resume service at any time.

I was initially very hesitant about buying an iPad because I didn't want to choke up another $75 to $100 for another device. $30 a month for a very portable device that I can read a ton of books on and browse is very justifiable for me personally.

I completely understand those that feel the iPad is not worth the price though. Different consumers have different needs.
from a marketing and PR standpoint, apple has to be leading the way and has over the past 5 years

to have fanboys (nothing wrong with that, btw) over a good that has a high rate of refresh at premium is unheard of

totally blows my mind
I am with monkey on this...I hate all things apple. Even though I do own an ipod....i know i am a hypocrite