Spirit Airlines Pilot Strike

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Bad timing Durito! Here is their statement.

AA wants $800 one way to medellin tomorrow. that $100 spirit credit sure helps.
Durito I am still in florida I cannot get home either.... I got a 100 credit from delta..... Let's go out
Damn 3rd world airline companies....

They're a company who has been both cheap and reliable in the past. They are the only carrier at a small airport right outside of Atlantic City. Lots of people in South Jersey use this airport instead of Phila International because of the quick in and out of the small terminal. It's ashamed because I would think a long strike could put these guys out of business? :dunno:
Are all 3 of you stuck there? Talk about shitty timing.
I am now in Atlanta.... no guarantees I get home today either.......
20four7, you didn't fly Spirit, right? What is going on with your airline??
I hate delta first time flying them. I am now travelling on Korean Air flight 7362 to Toronto from Atlanta..... stupid
Jesus what a disaster

Does durito make it home before the Group of Death starts?
What a debacle for you guys. Well, I hope you had a good weekend. :propeller:
Had a blast..... ended up costing a lot more by the time I factor in a missed day of work, an extra nights hotel and cab to/from the airport again. What a mess Sunday was.