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Mrs.X, did you take a seminar or were you a natural at giving good frontal lobe?
Durito has proclaimed many many times that he is not smart. No one will believe him. It must be very frustrating.
durito knows many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse.

Smilies and BIG avatars...only reasons I do Gay-me-Live...

...Oh, and the TP shots too.
We got some strange little narratives going on with some of these smileys:



Hard to top the 20four7 smiley though:

I wish there was a :biglittleboy: that fills the whole screen so we could express nuances in our feelings of littleboy...ity.

new smiley
:biglittleboy: - capable to fill a 4K screen if we went that wide, although now that we know him closer we get to see more of his imperfections
is mudcat alive? Will someone not blocked by mudcat page him for a wellness check?

Is anyone not blocked by mudcat? I guess its possible that he's just posting back and forth to his bad self.
He might have blocked himself by accident. His posts just go into an abyss, as far as he knows.
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OOooh, can we do that? RJ?
I may be a crass, outspoken, shock value internet guy. But I still want that crazy old coot to be alive (so that I can have someone to hate on).