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Jan 27, 2010
There is no doubt we have a great selection of smileys here but I have a problem with them. Maybe someone has tips/wisdom on the subject.

The basic problem is I just went to look for a certain smiley that I use fairly often. I knew which of the three sections it was in but I swear I scanned through the whole thing line-by-line 3 times and couldn't find it. I was starting to think it had been deleted for some reason but lo and behold I spotted it on the 4th time through. FWIW, this is it:


Why was it so hard for me to spot? Fuck I don't know. Sometimes it just goes like that.

So I made the post and the smiley window closed. (Why does it do that?) But okay I just opened it now and that smiley is in a different position.

So what the hell is my question? I guess this: can those things be put in alphabetical order or at least so they are always in the same order so I know roughly where to look? Or else does anyone have tips on how to improve my life, smiley-wise?

Here's a probably dumb question: can you just type the text inside the colons and have the smiley come up? I probably should have figured that out a long time ago but I never did so here's a test:


I can see when I preview that that works so that's positive. But I can only memorize so many.

And checking the preview made the smiley window go away and I didn't want it to. I'm not done. :mudcat:

And why is this guy called littleboy? Isn't that a little moustache on him?


And what exactly is durito saying No! about near the start of this?


My other wish about the smileys is we had the bowing guys but without them bowing to tomato. Talking about this:


I would like to have the option of making them bow down to other things besides tomato. Particularly this: :retarded:

I think that is all for now.
yes, I had this problem too. I started typing in the most common ones I use such as :up: :lmao:
I'm saying shut the fuck up you stupid bitch i am trying to work
DOUBLE CAR BOMB to this post.

Get those smiles under control 'yo.

What are we animals? ANIMALS?

I pay good money to be a part of this forum and I demand customer service.
I'm with Muddy. Why do the smilies always move around? This is a big timewaster and a major posting issue.

FYI the competition uses a stable stable of smiley pictures which is a lot more convenient and user-friendly.

Double stable omg.
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FYI the competition use a stable stable of smiley pictures which is a lot more convenient and user-friendly.

Double stable omg.

Yeah, but the competition doesn't have :gaymelive::durito::mrx::robynballs::polaroid: to name a few. Gamelive is the antithesis of stable.
Hey wait a second, is littleboy Jon Polito?


:therapist: go on.

Would Mr. X be able to work on his baseball machine if your mother was in the next room screaming all day (not to imply that your mother screams, no one speaks as loudly about nothing as :suegragloria: )? In mind that this is a 2 bedroom apartment, there is no where else for me to go.
Good call Muddy.

I wish there was a :biglittleboy: that fills the whole screen so we could express nuances in our feelings of littleboy...ity.
ive gotten to where i know most of the ones i like to use... i just type the words inside the : : and go on about my business... :venditto:
Good thread. I would like to add, where's my train wreck smiley. It's all gone.

While we are at it how come GameLive sometimes scrolls like a wave. Other forums aren't doing it and GameLive doesn't do it all the time. Like right now if I scroll it's all weird like. Like one of those scenes when some dude is high and can't focus. It's like I don't do drugs so GameLive is forcing to optical effects of drugs on me. I'm not getting high just sea sick.
i just write the : : word and have memorized all 275 smilies

muddy i lead by example, muddy we are professional posters dammit

for real though, i've tried something that should 'lock' their position in the smiley window. tell me if it worked.