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xpy is in an intense forum battle
Currently e-battling with the regressive leftist identitarians and Italians (of all people) in the battle of most oppressed...

Regressive leftists for reasons already highlighted and the Italians because in the Olympics of oppression they're government owes my culture reparations because of what the ancient Romans did to my ancestors...

I want reparations and I want them NOW... 🤡🌍


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Victoria's secret recently hired their 1st trans model...

Cos all us guys look forward to watching these models to see which one has the cock hanging out...



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At the grocery store today, I, in a t-shirt, was shopping next to a woman wearing a parka.

So I guess that's where we are with that.
hell yeah it's a classic and pro

in the old days people even used to eat it

I was browsing in a pharmacy with a friend and and I saw it, I said 'I bet Muddy likes Vaporub' and the guy I was with said 'huh', later on that evening I rubbed it on his back, no homo, and that guy's name was Baggio


reno cool

leave well enough alone
I still have mine from ten years ago and still use it when I can't breathe. inhale from bottle no rubbing. eucalyptus motherfuckers :up


Leave everything to me!
I'm having a hard time understanding the product. Like, what are we targeting? What are we doing?

So the deal is, when you're having trouble breathing - due to a cold? - you rub the stuff on yourself somewhere - close to the nose? - and the fumes help you breath??

Some damn thing?


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People who fly in the middle seat, though. There can’t be anyone who does this because they want to, right?