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Toppus Doggus
Fake news!

No but seriously man, I had to look them up, see what we're talking about.

They're decent respectable fonts I guess. I got no problem with your fonts. They might be able to carry arial's jockstrap.
Weird though. What I am finding lately is that I feel like I might need to pee - like maybe - it doesn't feel urgent but there is enough stimulus where I at least have to weigh the question.

Should I go? Should I not bother and do it later? It can wait.

But I end up going.

And I end up peeing long and hard. Like the proverbial racehorse. I was not even sure I needed to pee and I end up doing the max pee I could ever do.

So that is the latest pee effect with me.
I like grapes very much. Grapes are a go-to thing for me. I probably average 7 servings of grapes per week.

But grape-flavored drinks/candies/whatever ---> can't stand 'em. They don't taste right.

We can put a man on the moon but the state of 2018 flavor technologies still can't do grape.