random MUSIC thoughts

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Whoah, whoah whoah.

I thought you all were messing around.

If Shorty drove off Bone Bone with anti-semite garbage I am no longer in his corner. I was already questioning him for his dislike of homosexuals.

Shorty, you might want to fade BIG TIME.

Blitt tell Bone Bone I'll clean this place up for him.

FUCK that.
Let's be honest though -

Reno knew a lot, but he could be a total toolbag at times.

True story.

I don't wish his know it all ass good or bad. Know it alls bore me, especially if they clearly can't fight.

He's basically Vegas Dave part 1 to me.

Switzerland - neutral.

Hope they both do alright but no desire to hear condescending garbage from either ever again,
I got asked today if I wanted a flu shot and I remembered my bone bone

I don’t have FB either. Screenshot it please
I don’t know how to screenshot videos

Common maddy
I may have posted this before.
The song THE FINAL COUNTDOWN is now playing in your head.

That's Eye of the Tiger. You're fired.