My Photobucket Debacle

Not clear whether Shannon was the invader or invadee.

Vincent Benitez, 20, Ashley Causey, 32, and Taylor Pritt, 20, all face murder charges after deputies say they attempted to rob a house with, Michael Caddo, 25. A homeowner shot and killed Caddo. Accomplices can be charged with felony murder if someone is killed during a felony criminal act, according to the Sheriff's Office.

5 months later



SP Nation and I Ruin things
if any of you need to talk this through and process the grief, you can call Jank Jank....

Jank Jank

8 months ago
I wish i could help yall but im at workrelease i cant touch none of my money right always will be in my life bro u was a brother to me no matter what threw the good an the bad i love ya rest in peace ill see u on the other side i just cant belive ur gone bro i wish i was there to lay u at jennifer im sorry i wish i could help ya with this but im still locked up but if i was there i would gave yall money to lay my lil brother at rest love u stay strong u can contact me if u wanna talk 813 439 1499


Current Corpse
Damn you guys went deep on Caddo. Well, good to finally have closure. Last mugshot I saw of Segura several years back, was looking REAL rough. I'm sure he is no longer here either.