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She was so hot when she was fighting. Man.

Don't compare anything or anyone to what the Jews endured in the Holocaust. Just don't. It's fucking stupid hyperbole.
I fucked a fatty once. Actually, twice. Then I turned her down and she fucked Fiveteamer as retaliation. True story.

Her last words to me were "you're a dick."

She lost a ton of weight after that. I like to think that I had something to do with it.
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“Curb Your Enthusiasm”

Sunday @ 10P Eastern on HBO.

Supposedly the final season.

I have it DVR’d.

Larry David is the mastermind behind “Seinfeld” alongside Jerry. Looking forward to it.. 🍿🍿
I saw the first ep of Griselda

I dunno man, it doesn't have the texture of the narcos producers :wah:

and that thing I hate on shows - using modern lingo in stories based in another epoch, kills the suspend for me, "hey mama" sounded like a Target commercial for white women in LA carrying a thermos

and the real Griselda was nowhere near as hot as Sofia

I will hang but it's not looking bright

oh and Pablo never said that quote, Pablo had class, Griselda was always known as a ghetto hood rat
It’s Netflix trying to appeal to the masses, but think you’ll find fun bits and pieces throughout.

I like when she starts smoking crack and going cuckoo:

Yeah I gave up during the first episode.of Griselda. May try again later but it's not looking great.
They tried to make Sophia Vergara look like a domestic abuse victim with the makeup and prosthetics.

One thing they couldn’t do is ugly up her mammoth sweater puppies.
October 4th

lady gaga joker oct 4