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can I have the gun
Hard to believe "The Sopranos" began 25 years ago today.

Several channels have marathons going on..

It doesn't seem that long ago...

fucking awful

let's try to be provoctive

watch it - let's discuss
I started watching Loudermilk with Ron Livingston (Office Space), about a miserable, aging music critic and recovering alcoholic. Wifey is surprisingly into it despite the subject matter. It's not great but it has its moments, like this one:

We're almost done with it. Acting is terrible. Some funny almost darker sienfeld moments.
Punk chickypoo is especially bad. Brian Regan too.

It's like a cross between High Fidelity and Seinfeld, but shittier.

6.5 Mattys out of a possible 10
Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022) was awesome. It had lots of vintage Star Wars mojo and it fleshed out Obi-Wan's story in a really neat way. The little girl playing Leia is amazing.

Easily my favorite Star Wars "expansion" so far, after Solo (which I thought was pretty good), Rogue One (very good) and The Mandalorian (only 4 episodes in, not really feeling it so far).

9.0 spinning dual lightsabers out of 10 for Obi-Wan Kenobi. :clap:
Wow I didn’t know that movie existed. I liked Solo and Rogue One.
It's a 6-part miniseries. I completely missed it when it came out. It should have won a bunch of Emmys but it wasn't even entered for competition because it would've forced Disney to release the last two episodes ahead of their originally planned schedule.

Middle-aged Ewan MacGregor is a sensational actor. 👏
Watching The Mandalorian S1 E4. Gina Carano got fat.