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So the Deadwood movie is out tomorrow.


Deadwood is on my Mount Rushmore of shows so it is a pretty big thing over here.

I am so used to everything taking forever that I wasn't expecting it so soon.

But it's exactly that soon.


Leave everything to me!
Yeah I thought the second season of Fleabag was very good. A lot of LOL moments.

Like the first season, there were occasional bits that were incredibly broad and belly-floppish. It's really surprising when it happens because it's so sophisticated most of the time. But I guess that's the deal. A little uneven - with the good stuff outweighing the eye-rolly by quite a bit.

I hate the title BTW. I have always hated the title. But whatever.

As for a possible season 3, creator/star Phoebe Waller-Bridge addressed the topic pretty clearly: “I have thought about it and there isn't going to be one.”



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It was pretty flawless for me. Nothing belly-flopped or eye-rolled here. Hilarious and touching. I really liked the sister's husband's final speech. Really gave him some depth and squeezed a little empathy for him out of me without making him any less of an asshole. Things like that aren't commonly pulled off.

I can't wait to see what she does next.


Leave everything to me!
I know she was in one of those Star Wars movies. I don't know how big a role it was but you get into those, that can trump a lot of stuff career-wise.


Leave everything to me!
I thought Deadwood: The Movie (2019) was really good. I am so pleased with it.

As it's based on a TV show that I consider one of the best things of all time, it was a set-up for disappointment - how can they possibly live up to it? - but I thought they didn't try to do too much - but they didn't do too little - they stayed true to the characters - they managed to create some of those moments like they did before. Moments where they reach into my gut and make me feel.

A TV series is obviously a different canvas to tell stories and develop things - but I thought they came up with a nice little plot and filled 2 hours in an absorbing, satisfying way.

Flashbacks were a necessary evil but I thought they delivered them with taste and brevity. Just remind you what needs reminding and move on.

I have one main complaint. The show always had slightly stilted dialogue which has been described as pseudo-Shakespearean. It never bothered me in the series but I thought they went a bit overboard with it at times in this movie.

But overall, a solid 8 out of 10



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Yeah whatchoo talkin' aboat Tron?

Everything about Chernobyl was outstanding. The acting, the directing, the horrific visuals (that dying firefighter, holy sheeit.) Just wow.

9.3 Matty Rains out of a possible 10


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Hiroshima is a film on Netflix guessed it........the before, during and after of the atomic bomb that essentially ended World War II


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I watched the new 6-part mini-series adaptation of Catch-22. It's okay but it doesn't live up to the classic source material. There are problems with uneven tone. Also there were some specific scenes/details I consider important which I guess they just chose to leave out.

It's okay though. You could do a lot worse than watching this.


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The Pirates of Somalia


Repeating theme that most of the world considers Americans/Canadians one in the same.


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Yeah, no, The Chi has lost me. Season 2 just didn't come together. Still a few episodes left but I'm out.


Leave everything to me!
This Chernobyl mini-series is the highest rated TV property ever according to the imdb ratings. Higher than the Planet Earth docs - Cosmos - Game of Thrones - The Wire . . .

Well, everything. Ever.

I thought it was very good. I don't think I would call it the #1 thing of all time - but very good.