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Toe Toucher
The writing has been so poor since the series ran out of book material. Two balls jokes from Tyrion, come on.

The dialogue reads like mediocre fan fiction.

max headroom

In Billions, how about Axelrod ruining that kid's business just for returning his investment? He played him like a motherfuckin fiddle.

Shit was cold man.



Leave everything to me!
I was just watching the series premier of the new HBO show, Gentleman Jack. Chicky-poo that plays Yara Greyjoy is in it. She looks a lot different in a frilly dress without her brother's hand on her boob.

No but seriously man, I am having a problem understanding the dialogue. Large chunks, I am just not able to make out. I don't know if my hearing is going or wut.


Leave everything to me!
I hear this current Jeopardy champ who is kicking ass at a historic mega-level is increasing ratings for the show.

Personally, I don't enjoy watching that at all and I ain't watching it.


Leave everything to me!
Game of Thrones.

I wonder who is going to be first to get killed and come back as a white walker - and then someone who used to really like them will have to battle them.

I could definitely see it happening with Brienne of Tarth (sp?) where she gets kilt - then zombies up - and then Jaime Lannister, who just knighted her and has this newfound respect, has to battle it out with her (and prolly rekill her).


Filthy Hooker
The first death is going to have to be a big one. One that will shock everyone. I just hope it's not Tormund.


Leave everything to me!
Maybe Tormund will have to kill white walker Brienne. Maybe she'll outskill and overpower one-handed Jamie Lannister - and be poised for the death strike - and Tormund will jump in and do what has to be done.


Okay, sorry, imagination running wild over here.