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I believe I put my money on Dany to "win" a few seasons back. Guess I'll stick with that (just as an airbet and not a sigplay or even a non-sigplay)

Cercei +2414 seems like good value. Why the hell not Cercei? Petyr Baelish is a much more likely outcome than Cercei?


And Bran Stark is the big fave??



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Isn't Bran the Night King? Or is that still just a theory?

There should really be a "Field/None" option in those odds.


Leave everything to me!
Now I wish I had never looked at the betting odds. It's got me thinking the oddsmakers maybe know some stuff about actors being spotted at certain places/times that gave away how long they were on the set? Some shit like that?

I don't know how else to explain Littlefinger being twice as likely to win as Cercei.


Leave everything to me!
Yap. Arya opened his throat with a flick of her wrist and he bled out on the floor of Winterfell Castle.

Doesn't mean he can't come back - in theory - I guess - but so could every other characters who is dead.

Why him so much?

I'm sure as hell not going to say that the Pinnacle oddsmakers don't know what they're doing. I would definitely not say that.



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Okay so the theory is about the faceless folk. Maybe someone was wearing his face and died in his place.

And there is a bunch of supporting circumstantial stuff - like Littlefinger is originally from Braavos, home of the faceless men - so he could be square in the middle of that whole phenomenon. The nerds have found some significant character inconsistencies that might suggest an imposter.

Could be, I guess.

I just hope they don't get too carried away with people wearing other people's faces. It's an okay gimmick in moderation but too much would be too much IMO.


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Now see that's what I was looking for. They got recaps for GoT - running from 12 to 52 minutes - that cover all seven seasons.

I don't need to know every time someone gave someone else a significant glance. Just tell me what happened.

Here's the one I went with. You gotta deal with some fast talkin' but I found it helpful. Reminderful. Some humor in there. I'm ready!!

Thanks for this. That was great!


Leave everything to me!
No but seriously man, 60 Minutes ran an interesting little piece about GoT tonight.

Not mind-blowingly revolutionary or anything but if you are into the show, it has some tidbits. Worth a look.

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Awesome Showtime block last night.

I do have a Game of Thrones update for you guys though:

Ed Sheeran's character "Eddie" is dead - he was the victim of dragon fire.



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Watched maybe 2 or 3 seasons of game of thrones. Id take Mattys fictional field/none line. I guess I just assumed all modern series, even high fantasy, end in an interpretive-cliffhanger a la Sopranos.


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My bet has been on Arya for years. Sticking with it.

In the age of #metoo strong female characters will always prevail.

Guess it could be that tall bitch from Tarth too.