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Am I still the only one who watches Vice channel?:

Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia
Fuck that’s Delicious
Kentucky Ayahuasca
Dead Set on Life


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I really am at a loss for things to watch right now though. A chick at work is pushing Umbrella Academy (??) on me but I don't trust her taste. She's the one who never watched Breaking Bad because she couldn't handle the idea of Malcolm in the Middle's dad doing anything else.

So I am probably going to go forward with a 2nd viewing of something. Either Boardwalk Empire or Mad Men (or one and then the other if shit doesn't start coming along.)

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Muddy, I think you might really enjoy Doug Polk's poker blog.

He does this critique on the classic Rounders hand and it's pretty priceless.

If you like that Andrew Neeme is always good (though QUITE a calling station) , James Burton can be quite entertaining and personally I love Mark Ari's videos on low level poker fundamentals.

When your'e done with those, watching Thatwasepic hit on college girls is always a good time.



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Okay. We're doing it. Season 1 of Mad Men d/l'ed.

So for the next while, it will be Game of Thrones and Happy! - along with rewatches of Mad Men and Ren and Stimpy.

And whatever else comes along. I believe I am correct to expect more seasons of Peaky Blinders, Narcos, Humans, The Chi, Atlanta. Maybe Veep, Fargo, Better Call Saul? The Young fucking Pope?

I never know for sure if/when shit is going to come along.


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Oh hey. I didn't even realize that a new half-season of Arrested Development came out mid-March. 8 episodes.

So there's that too.


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I just finished True Detective S3

Amazing acting by the 2 leads (my mind is blown at how good Stephen Dorff was).

The music was a 9.25 on the 10 scale.

But something is missing from the season. And it’s a big something.

Better than Season 2 but.......

6 Trons out of 10