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For those of you who enjoy foreign stuff, Ricardo Trogi's 1991 is a decent riff on the coming-of-age-while-traveling-abroad trope. Trogi is a second generation Italian Quebecer. Movie is a lot like L'auberge espagnole (2002) but with quirkier lead actor and that adorable Quebec accent.


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Murder Mountain on Netflix

Through 2 episodes

8.25 Trons.

Documentary on legal and illegal grows in Northern California and abundance of missing persons


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I did not realize - until now - that the old timey movie in Home Alone ---> it's not a real film.

I always thought they had pulled clips from an actual oldie but nope - those clips were made specially for Home Alone.



Toe Toucher
Anyone else watch the interactive Black Mirror episode? Thought it was neat - not the best Black Mirror by a long shot but the ability to go back and explore alternate branches was well done. Oh and it had a good LSD scene.

8.2 Mattys out of 10

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Watched California Split the other day, a poker movie from the 1970s, was recommended by an excellent player whom described it as the Pulp Fiction of poker movies.

I definitely wouldn't put it on Pulp Fiction's level, but very solid flick with a feel like Pulp.

7.8 maxipads


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California Split is, in my opinion, the most realistic feeling gambling movie I've ever seen. I don't think there's a close second.

Also pretty entertaining. Not Pulp Fiction entertaining, but I loved it.


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I haven't watched it yet!

Not sure how I felt about the background episode. I felt it was necessary to show that they're all horrible people, but the placement...meh.


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I got to the episode of Breaking Bad with the song Crystal Blue Persuasion. It made me wonder, similar to the oldie movie clips in Home Alone - is it a real actual existing thing, or was it created for Breaking Bad?

It seems very on the nose. What would Crystal Blue Persuasion even mean besides Walter White's blue meth?

But nope, actual existing song by Tommy James, 1971.