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Yer goddamn right!
I also don't get the extreme pleasure out of poop that some people describe. Some people describe the poop and post-poop sensation as almost approaching orgasm level.

I kind of get what they're talking about but I suspect they are grossly exaggerating. Or maybe it's just people being different.

Once in awhile I have a poop that feels pretty good but that's as far as I am willing to go with that. Usually I just poop and it's done and forgotten.
What? Poop?

Seems entirely possible. I feel like pretty much everything I post, I have posted before.

Here's a summary of what I probably said: I don't have any problem pooping in public johns. I experience very little strain to poop. There is no grunting. I don't need reading material and a large block of time set aside to poop - because I don't go sit on the toilet until I need to poop.

I don't shit myself or leave skid marks in my underwear basically ever - even when I was out-of-control drinking and drugging.

Pooping seems to be much more of an ordeal for many people than it is for me. I guess I am lucky when it comes to poop.


reno cool

leave well enough alone
nice. got a kick out that Artie Lang fellow. Good concept, things are happening, characters are quirky but believably. And there's like a kind hearted(?) message/feel :dunno:
Guess that guy who worked on Girls is involved. Feels a little similar in style.
Get Out (2017) was a pretty damn solid horror flick. Allison Williams can, in fact, act! And that black dude from Black Mirror's treadmill episode (Daniel Kaluuya) is gonna be big if he's not already.

8.4 Matty Rains out of a possible 10
Latest episode of Better Call Saul was REALLLLLYYYY slow except for the 3-4 min gun battle and one or two moments.

It’s a great show but they take the NOTHING HAPPENS FOR FIVE MINUTES THING to the extreme sometimes.
I still put them on even on plain North American English stuff, just for when I miss a word.

Vagabond - you might enjoy these other Québécois movies if you haven't already seen them:

Monsieur Lhazar
Les invasions barbares
1981 (Ricardo Trogi)

I'm out of the loop on French-from-France stuff. Most of my faves are from the 90s. Here's a few off the top of my head:

Trois couleurs : Blanc (Krystof Kieslowski)
La haine
L'auberge espagnole

Oh and another silly little B-movie starring a young Julie Delpy 😘: Killing Zoe (which was partly produced by Tarantino)