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I also don't get the extreme pleasure out of poop that some people describe. Some people describe the poop and post-poop sensation as almost approaching orgasm level.

I kind of get what they're talking about but I suspect they are grossly exaggerating. Or maybe it's just people being different.

Once in awhile I have a poop that feels pretty good but that's as far as I am willing to go with that. Usually I just poop and it's done and forgotten.


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What? Poop?

Seems entirely possible. I feel like pretty much everything I post, I have posted before.

Here's a summary of what I probably said: I don't have any problem pooping in public johns. I experience very little strain to poop. There is no grunting. I don't need reading material and a large block of time set aside to poop - because I don't go sit on the toilet until I need to poop.

I don't shit myself or leave skid marks in my underwear basically ever - even when I was out-of-control drinking and drugging.

Pooping seems to be much more of an ordeal for many people than it is for me. I guess I am lucky when it comes to poop.


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nice. got a kick out that Artie Lang fellow. Good concept, things are happening, characters are quirky but believably. And there's like a kind hearted(?) message/feel :dunno:
Guess that guy who worked on Girls is involved. Feels a little similar in style.