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I wrote a song....

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Before leaning too hard into social media/marketing, I'd recommend having more songs available, maybe even an EP? You only get one shot at a first impression... best to give folks you acquire the chance to become fans with a handful of songs/content available vs. a fairly small presence online.
Wrote another song

About half way through the recording process.

being in a recording studio working on a track brings me an incredible amount of joy

new track is called, “Desperate (On and On)”
Huge setback. Temporarily gutted....

In an unprecedented event (for me), after having the track 80% completed, the entire file we had for the track completely vanished.

The software we use (Digital Performer 8) even has an Autosave function so we are totally baffled.

Not looking for sympathy. But for the tens of thousands of people eagerly awaiting the track.......I have to totally start from scratch. There is an MP3 of the 80% we had completed but that will do us no good.

I’m just sitting on my balcony tilting with bourbon right now.