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I wrote a song....

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Jesus, nice work!

sounds radio ready.

I had no idea you made music

Thanks! I really appreciate all the kind words from you guys.

Arch, I took about a 10 year break. I think I posted some tracks I did way back on Gamelive? But that was like 2008? Different project, most of the vocals were female.

It felt really good to be creative again. That is where my identity resides.
Yeah, I'm not very creative in the artsy sense.

but I can imagine that getting back to expressing yourself in that outlet would feel amazing. Keep going and keep sharing.

on another note, Gamelive is HANDS DOWN the collective of the MOST artistically gifted gambler or former gamblers that also post about their gambling or general lives on the internets by a blow out. "bring it on RX or uglyluck.com"

Cougarbait has actual albums and is working on a book
Mudcat has his book and music projects
Matty is selling trinkets and strums a guitar or two in his free time
Reno likes to a sing a song on a saturday
Casper writes, produces, and acts in Maury Povich episodes and his own evolving soap opera seriesVegas
Steve has the mentality of a disturbed artist
Vegas Dave makes a living by turning a phrase here and there.
Boner18 and I ,married rich, talented, and driven women. that's an art, isn't it?

also, Plommer and Blitty post here.

that intersection of how all these people ended up at this site might be a cyber psychology thesis.
Beautiful stuff Tronner!!! :bowdown: Sounds super pro. That's the Jaguar innit?

Yes, sir! That’s the Jaggy. For this track, for guitar tone, I’m using the TC Electronic Flashback X4, Dimension C, Diamond Compressor and EP Booster.

For that small breakdown section near the middle I also turn on a Mooer Phaser and Tree Of Life distortion pedal.

played through Vox AC-15 and a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 amps. Now that I think of it, that Tech 21 amp is about 23 years old.
Is SatG a band with other members or just your solo name?

Solo. There is some text below the “video” that clarifies that but it requires clicking something I think.

I like the name but it’s hard to describe why. I guess I like that it doesn’t mean anything and the fact that there are no girls in the band.