I quit drinking


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Does that man you are stopping stopping now? Or are you going to continue stopping?



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I was gonna stop entirely, at least for now.

But people annoy me, so I buy jack daniels and drink.

One thing I am not doing is shopping, which is what I read in your post first. Probably since the little green durito is shopping.


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I know isn't it daft? I was gonna put the royals, but I saw you there and thought damn that's perfect.


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I'm finishg off my last fifth of macallan 12 scotch :(. I'll ahve to go back to Jack after this is done.


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Is good beer hard to find in columbia Durito? Do the stores have a good selection?
Is Heineken good beer?

Because otherwise, there isn't shit.

I'm not sure I've ever actually even had a Heineken in my life. I just drink liquor now.

There is actually now a micro brewer in the little town i live in, but I haven't tried it.