I bought a pineapple

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Dr. Oz.

I LOL'd.
Today's nectarine had white flesh.

Did not see that coming.
My fruit regimen these days is banana, apple, plum, nectarine. Kinda spread out through the morning.

In that order. Has to be that order.

I'm a bit of an anti-routine guy on principle so I frequently contemplate mixing it up and changing the order but ----> no.

Got to lunch and noticed I only had a plum left. In other words, I went out of order. Unwittingly.

No serious repercussions so far.
This mother fucker is as square as they get. A fruit eating order? It's just fucking insane.
What time do you drink your juice box?

It's all coming together now.

The jeparody thing.

Chedder chicken thigh Thursday.

Popcorn Sunday.

Fruit eating order.

Muddy suffers from Autism.

Yeah..chedder chicken definitely...definitely on Thursday...popcorn..popcorn not till Sunday..never..never plums first.banana, yes definitely banana first fruit of the day, chicken on Thursdays.
House - are you sticking to the no-alcohol this weekend?

Me either.
I'm not sure fDub...I just need to take my ass home at a decent hour. Getting calls to go play sand volleyball. Red bull and vodka goes so good with that game.
Pineapples going for $2.50 today and picked one up and a fine looking specimen at that.

Back in the saddle again.

Bought peaches and blackberries from a farm. Taste so much better than fruit you buy at the store. I'm in love.
Been going watermelon crazy lately. I ain't down with the seedless one, though. Nope. :nope:
I ain't much for any melons really. I respect your melons but I think we just have to file this under, people are different.
There is one main thing that has come out of this thread for me - one thing it really boils down to - and it is this:

I like plums, but here they are usually hard and sour and lousy. I'd like a good plum.

I started buying pomegranate. Boy, you really have to get down n dirty with those things :up: