I bought a pineapple

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Jan 27, 2010
Like a whole fresh pineapple.

Basically a spur-of-the-moment impulse.

Felt like I should let the forum know.
I buy a pineapple about once every other week.

Cutting eat...unenjoyable.

Eating it...the opposite of unenjoyable.
you know how to cut that shit?

Excellent question right there. Short answer: no.

I know nothing. I did not know how to judge if it was ripe either. It just jumped into my basket and when I got home I was like, fok, I've got a pineapple.

Now I took a quick look on the internets and it seems like I did okay for ripeness.

The pineapple is currently just sitting in my fridge (which the internets tell me is okay for a day or two).

But I will soon have to deal with it. I do not have a kickass knife. Just a knife is what I have. So we'll see how that goes.
I think you should try this method

seems to waste the least pineapple, if you don't waste a finger or two

I bought this for TOM since he eats was eating so much pineapple. There was a time that I think he was just buying pineapple to play with the slicer.

i would lose more skin trying that shit... fuck you pedro... challenge accepted! :yes:

well, as soon as i find some good pineapples somewhere
We go through 2-3 pineapples a month in the mrquincy household... yummy yum yum
Okay. This will be happening imminently. Getting my game face on.

That was not so difficult.

You're not the boss of me.

No, but I'm sure I wasn't as elegant on my first attempt as buddyboy up there - but let's see how he packs 2 CS540's into a 14x8x10 box on his first attempt compared to me.

I'll say this tho: fokken shitten fokken shitten fokken shit ---> that's good.

Man o man ---> some tasty. Guess I have to work out better where the shell ends and the fruit begins. Getting a few bites of gritty stuff now and then. But whateva. Really good.

Price is actually about the same as an equivalent number of servings from cans. And this is more work, no question.

Nice tho. Definitely be working it into my permanent repertoire. Maybe get one of those things up there. That looks like something.