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Nah. I don't have time for it and yes, the fees are crazy and the buyer protections border on prohibitive to medium volume sellers.

You have to really do serious volume, preferably with easy/cheap to ship items to make it worthwhile.

Most products/niches have decent buy/sell/trade discord communities if you're looking to make a little extra on the side.
I've been buying on FB Marketplace, that's where the deals are. @mrquincy found me the Gump Worsley.

I might try buying low/selling high on the Habs stuff to work my way up to a legit, non-basket case Rocket Richard. Although I'm thrilled to have gotten this trimmed one basically for free. It looks super cool. I managed to get quite a bit of the glue off the back in just one pass.

Rocket Richard card restoration before

Rocket Richard card restoration after

Rocket Richard card restoration corners
I'm now on the hunt for a 1959-60 Parkhurst Tim Horton and a rookie (1955-56) Jacques Plante, ideally with minor issues like stuff glued to the back and mild creases. I'm getting decent at fixing this stuff.

Boom Boom had a raised bottom edge that flattened quite nicely:

boom boom had a raised bottom edge before

boom boom had a raised bottom edge after

1959-60 Tim Horton
1959 60 tim horton

1955-56 Jacques Plante rookie
1955 56 jacques plante rookie