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Still worth nothing. We are talking about Modano's rookie card. Cards from the late 80s and early 90s are fun to collect because they're dirt cheap. They were produced in astronomical numbers so finding a mint one is super easy.

I bought a mint Ed Belfour rookie for a dollar shipped. The seller lost money sending it to me. lol
mint Ed Belfour rookie card

Even Brett Hull's rookie card is worth almost nothing, even as a PSA 10. My trimmed/glued Rocket Richard is worth more.
I just looked at 1951 parkhurst cards. I got about a dozen but not graded and no big names. They were cheap back in the early 2000s. I remember when graded cards first became a thing. You could buy a bgs 7 or Psa 7 of big name guys cut the card out and list it on ungraded and sell it for more than what I paid for the bgs 7 to some speculative dumbass.
So I got the short end of the stick on this latest trade. I thought the Beliveau would clean up nicely, but turns out there was a small chunk of it missing underneath the glued paper. The seller couldn't have known, it was totally hidden from view. What most likely happened is that the card was glued into an album, ripped out for some reason and glued back in a second time. Oh well. I can probably still get $150 for it. And the Rocket Richard by itself is probably worth $150 too, even trimmed. A PSA 7 sold for $2300 recently.

Not bad for my initial $100 investment. Not that I have any intention of selling the cards. :biglaugh: #hoarderlife

short end of the stick  beliveau

short end of the stick beliveau zoom

Here's a Gump in PSA 5. Similar corner quality, also some yellowing. Mine had a dark bar at the bottom/front, likely from UV exposure, and some residual glue on the back. Yeah, mine was a 3 or a 4 I'd say.