Got a question. Kinda techyish

Well I've made my mouse move around better and I have set up my VPN.

All by my own self.

I changed my homepage. My choice of duckduckgo now comes up in Firefox and Internet Explorer but Google Chrome keeps coming up as google. Maybe that's just automatic because it's a Google thing?

What search engine do you guise recommend anyway?


SP Nation and I Ruin things
For someone I speak to so seldom, that is a remarkably on-the-money assessment. I intend to copy the whole thread to a Word file (or whatever) and refer to it in writing a book which I will probably start a few months down the line.

I want to make sure I have it in case the forum explodes to smithereens. Disaster insurance. And I figure it is tidier in that format than trying to copy/paste 550 (or whatever) normal pages.

I wouldn't say it is so much for "a new book project idea" as "a bunch of hopefully funny little filler ideas."

But yeah.

how is the book writing going?
how is the book writing going?
Thank you for asking. In the big picture it is good. It is well designed and well over half the chapters have first drafts done. I was going through a period of some staleness the last few months so when the Jeopardy test came up I decided to take a complete break from writing and just focus on my game. That seemed timely.

But now I will be getting back to daily progress on the book.

It will still take some time though. I keep having to go to my stupid job!

Muddy did you ever get that smartphone?

Nope, never did.

Came somewhat close. If a guy I was talking to at Best Buy had been just a little bit competent as a salesman, he could have sold me. I was feeling ready to go for a minute and a half there.

But the guy was just useless and I walked out thinking I would maybe find someone better later and try again.

But nope.

I needed a camera so I bought a camera. As for the phone and not having one, here's the thing: I don't seem to care.
Somewhat annoying with this new computer: when I open a website for the first time - which happens a lot at this early stage - it balks. I sit here waiting . . . and waiting . . . while I guess it is deciding if the website is okay. I guess maybe it is my security software?

Not totally sure. Anyway, once I start using sites repeatedly, they're fine. But last night I tried opening Youtube because I wanted to play something for Jenny and I basically just had to give up. It came around eventually but it was a stupid amount of time.

While this is happening, there is a little message in the bottom corner saying something like performing a TLS handshake . . .

I know I can google this but I just felt like venting for a second.
Google ---> it's a good thing. Well, actually I didn't google, I duckduckgo'd.

In any case, I got the answers I needed for my email-straight-to-trash issue so good.

Here's an ongoing issue though: sound.

My old laptop, which I used for my music project and is connected to some pretty nice speakers through an audio interface ---> I'm not sure how to connect my new laptop to those speakers. When I plug the interface's USB plug into this computer, it starts looking for drivers and it never finds them.

Meanwhile the speakers themselves each have a prong plug. There are compatible female receptacles on the audio interface but not this computer.

I decided I wanted to use web-based email with the new system instead of Outlook which I had been using all along, but all my new mail kept going straight to Trash.

But I worked it out.