Got a question. Kinda techyish


Leave everything to me!
Let me see if I can word this in a coherent way.

Do you know how to do a search of gamelive that produces compressed results? I remember doing it in the past where threads would come up with just the text. i.e. without all the quotes/pics/sigs and crap. As I say, compressed. Tidy. Like the whole Random thoughts thread might have been 50 pages or something.

Just a bunch of almost continuous text. I believe it started at google but I don't remember how I made the thing happen.

Anyone have a clue what I'm talking about?


I know what you mean, but not sure how you get there. Seems like I have seen those when using google search on very old threads from other forums..I would assume it would be the same for GL. ..might just be older threads that are "compressed." Not much help, but I do know what you mean.
Put this on Google Search: "whatever you wanna search"

It will return all the results in that format. Quotes not needed.


Leave everything to me!
muddy you going through old posts for a new book project idea?

For someone I speak to so seldom, that is a remarkably on-the-money assessment. I intend to copy the whole thread to a Word file (or whatever) and refer to it in writing a book which I will probably start a few months down the line.

I want to make sure I have it in case the forum explodes to smithereens. Disaster insurance. And I figure it is tidier in that format than trying to copy/paste 550 (or whatever) normal pages.

I wouldn't say it is so much for "a new book project idea" as "a bunch of hopefully funny little filler ideas."

But yeah.
We sure do have a big database now, a few GBs worth. Over half a millions posts and we're approaching 20k individual threads.