Celebrity death Pool Time

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Ugh that’s a bummer. The guys in ZZ Top are all super cool.
Ron Popeil, Pioneer Of 'Wait...There's More!' Late-Night Infomercials, Is Dead At 86


Not gonna lie, will miss this motherfucker.

When I was a 9 yr old kid in 1976 I saw the commercial for this fucking piece of hot garbage and wanted one sooooo bad.

When I got it I quickly realized It was trash, just awful. $20 USD in 1976? Damn!

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Infomercials did have quite an impact on me as a youth

Rip ron
My parents never let me buy any of that shit. Then they opened an "As Seen On TV" store at the mall. Dang that was a sweet store.

After Ron who's left, are there young up and coming infomercial guys or is it (literally) a dying breed?
They broke the mold after Shamwow Guy

No one randomly leaves the TV on at 2am anymore

We're all consuming The Algorithm's hyper-targeted ads
No more making millions from placing "tiny little ads" in the newspaper.

Don Lapre!

My uncle once owned the website squirrelrepellant.net and before SEO was SEO he got it to land on the first page of results on google.com and he made like 10k/yr in affiliate kickbacks.