Celebrity death Pool Time

Acid Joe

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I'll put up $50 US. Pick 3 celebs. If you #1 pick goes between June 1 and Dec 31 you get 50 points, #2 pick goes you get 25 points if your #3 pick goes you get 10 points. If you hit the trifecta before the end of the year a bonus $100 and an automatic win. Most points wins the $50.00 at the end of the year assuming no trifecta. Must have your plays in by June 1, 2010 9 am by my system clock. I'm on eastern time.

Ready set die.

Note: Make sure people are still alive there is NO repicks for any reason and if your pick is already dead to bad.


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I would be out in the streets like these fuckers on Sept 11, 2001 if this were to happen.

Just kidding. I really wouldn't give a shit. Now if TACOMAX were to suddenly die..well...that would be really sad.
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For some reason Bill Cosby popped in my head.

Maybe its bacause I smoked some weed and Iam now eating jello, not sure, but I will take BillCosby.

Acid Joe

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In my quest to keep my $50.

#1 Kim Jong Il
#2 Billy Graham
#3 John Wooden

I was also considering Zsa Zsa Gabor and Fidel Castro. Keith Richards is an obvious choice but that prick just won't die.