Celebrity death Pool Time

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Michael Collins, the Apollo 11 guy who stayed in the Command Module while Neil and Buzz went frolicking on the moon. RIP pioneer astronaut dude. Only Buzz remains.

Just recently saw him talking about Mars. Dude was bad ass. RIP, Covid gets another one.
Tawny Kitean. Was 59. One time was incredibly sexy. In Bachelor Party 👍
Rip guru



Video shows her when she was fucking HAWT!
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I think she messed herself up with all that plastic surgery crap
I think it was more her drug addiction, but what do I know?

Perhaps there is an expert somewhere we can consult with and then question.
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Humpty hump dude

rip guru

It's that fentanyl and meth combo that gets'em every time.
A lot of fun though.

I say it's worth it.
rip whitney houston

rip whitney houston's daughter