Toe Toucher
Some pastor who was dedicating himself to suicide prevention... just committed suicide. During suicide prevention month.

Not to make light of the loss of a life, especially since the guy had kids, but come on now.

Just like being a gambling addict does not qualify you as an addiction counseling expert, I feel like if you've spent your entire adult life dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts, you probably should go easy on dishing out suicide prevention advice.

I mean come on now.

Jarrid Wilson: US pastor who ran suicide outreach group takes own life



Leave everything to me!
That's the Prime Minister of Canada by the way. Justin Trudeau. In the brownface.

This was years before he was PM but the picture just came out. Just in time for a new election!!


Leave everything to me!
This actually doesn't bother me at all. I don't see any evidence he is trying to belittle anyone. I think he just likes to dress up and have fun and experience shit. Like when he went to India, he kept trying out different "traditional" get-ups.

Apparently some of them were all wrong but I'm sure his intentions were nothing but friendly.

But politically? Yeah you start fiddling with your skin color - that's going to get some knees jerking.

Oh well, I guess we'll see if they're still our first family in a month or so.



Leave everything to me!
The Progressive Conservative Party. Other parties win seats regularly but as far as actually sitting on the Iron Throne, it goes back and forth between PC and Liberal.

Dude named Andrew Scheer is the current PC leader and now slightly ahead in polls to be our next Prime Minister.

Couldn't you just kiss him?



Leave everything to me!
The polls in advance of the election have been really close since the brownface incident. Back-and-forth with the difference generally falling into the margin of error.

LIberals (Trudeau) are slightly ahead this morning.

Liberals 36.9%
PC 33.2%

That's the popular vote. I haven't seen any kind of breakdown by ridings which would be more relevant. I'm sure the info is available somewhere but I haven't sought it out.

Hopefully the morning after the election, someone will tell me who won.


Leave everything to me!
Aaaaaand it's a Liberal minority so Trudeau stays.

Final score:

Liberal - 157
Conservative - 121
Bloc Quebecois - 32
NDP - 24
Green - 3
Independent - 1

Of course there are people in the prairies - which have been a big regional Conservative hotbed as long as I can remember - talking about separation. They always do when the Liberals win.

And we carry on.