Bitcoin-based online gambling

I've said it last January that I believe that I felt that BTC was a pump and dump type of scheme.
Yes and no

Yes in terms of market cycles but when you have companies like Blackrock (with 6.3 trillion worth of global assets) wanting to get in on btc then that kind of tells you where this thing is going....
bitcoin is inching up. Now that all the riff raff cleared out, looks like it's gonna start going up
Yep. It's the run up to the announcement from the SEC whether or not bitcoin will become an etf...

I'm wagering it won't and will probably setup short positions after the announcement if it goes as I expect...

But yeah, we definitely seeing the beginning of a new trend here.
Crypto learning their lessons that it was bitcoin, not blockchain this whole time. they tried stapling blockchain on to every industry.

Biggest bloodbath day of 2018..