Bitcoin-based online gambling


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Anonymous futures exchange here we come...

This will be powerful enough to burn equities and government to the ground...


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Wow that doesn't surprise me in the least bit. First bạn all cash transactions over 10k and now this, though I'd doubt this will get through. Does the punishment fit the crime?

The conservatives control the "liberal" government over here.

Simply don't put anything on your phone/device that you'd want them seeing. Problem solved


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What the government over here fails to understand is that as they become more oppressive the majority of criminals simply become smarter....

It's why last year 1.2 trillion dollars of questionable funding poured into the Aussie real estate market. The more they pretend to know what's going on the less of a clue they actually have...


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Pretty cool decentralized exchange where you can buy crypto with your national currency in a private setting aka no kyc/aml protocols


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Confident in saying that we may have turned a corner here and that the worst of the bear market has passed us.

Time to load up guys


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Monero. When only the most secure anonymity and privacy will do...

Get this while you can. In 5 years I'm predicting this coin will be worth 20k minimum.

This is the perfect coin for governments that want to arm militias without being seen to do any of the dirty work or for business people who are corrupt (and let's face it, there's alot of them)...

Currently around $113
!important new behavior in this version

TBB 8 leaks the browser User Agent by design (reveals the machine's true os on purpose), for reason x, ppl are complaining about it, it might get reverted or not

If you want to add a manual fake User Agent

1. Open a new tab
2. paste about:config and hit enter
3. Press Accept the risk button
You will add a new Preference
4. Search for useragent and see if you find the Preference Name general.useragent.override
It wont be there, so we'll add one
5. Right click on an empty area and click on New > String
6. Enter the Preference Name general.useragent.override
7. Enter the String value of a User Agent

User Agent is usually in this format Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0.1; SM-G935S Build/MMB29K; wv) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/55.0.2883.91 Mobile Safari/537.36, you will need to input the whole thing, I wont tell you which one to use for your sec reasons, as a ref the previous version's default value was that of a windows machine using chrome, search here for one, don't pick one of a rare device or old version as that will increase your fingerprint

re the post above about different resolutions, it's not a feature, that's a bug


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Just took a brief dip below 5k before "bouncing"...

Have 2 prices in mind here, one in the high threes and the other low three...

Good opportunities presenting themselves here


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Fucking piece of shit. I navigated seedy barber shop atm for this bullshit
Am surprised the barber hasn't skipped town 😎

Good shorting opportunities after yesterday's bull wick came back down on the hourly.

That was when you knew things were imminently headed south.

Personally cleaned up nicely here through bitmex

We could potentially go back down to 1300 here though on the balance of probabilities sub 4k is far more likely as that's where the next major levels of support lie...
That's where all these scammers come undone.

Yeah it's the most appealing for them in order to sell their scams but at the backend you have the equivalent of a relentless bull coming after you that won't stop until it gets what it wants.
Exchanges beginning to detach the tether option from their platforms.

Why are they doing it? Do they know something that we don't?

Canceled the 6300 buy-in. Want to know more about this tether situation as short term this has the ability to devastate bitcoin and crypto if tether was confirmed to be the biggest scam in crypto that those in the know are already aware...

these Tether people will end up indicted