Bill Maher vs John Oliver

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What’s the definition of being a nerd these days? Just wearing glasses?

It’s like calling someone a hipster. Kind of meaningless.

JO is self-deprecating about his appearance.

‘I look like ChatGPT’s answer to “show me a virgin.”
He talks (and has mannerisms) of a nerd. If he was not a “celebrity” and he talked and gestured the way he does with a woman, he would not have sex


Guess the south beach tough guys are still closing deals down where @Tron is from? I don't know for sure since I've been out of the game for 22 years (and was never really in) but I think "nerds" get laid at least on par with tough guys in more metropolitan parts of the world?
There’s def hipster/nerd chicks out there that fetishize nerd dudes.

Think he could get some trim from them.
And also I think nerdyness is correlated to professional success which is correlated to making money which is correlated to nice nice. Transitive property and shit.
If you can buy a louis Vuitton pocketbook you also just bought yourself some high maintenance pussy. That pussy don’t fuck near urinals. To each their own.
Nerds marry them, Tron fucks them

the law of the south florida jungle
Looks like he did okay in the mating dept.

john oliver hot wife
They have two young kids. He's definitely not fucking regularly.
As I mentioned, only his “celebrity” is getting this man TRIM that’s above a 4

celebrity nerd john oliver
By the way, this would make a great smiley, Juror

celebrity nerd john oliver
I’m feeling some real HEAT coming my way for calling this guy a nerd!